Ocular Disturbances in Veterinary Medicine – Canine & Feline

T-24 Ocular or Opthalamic Disturbances are common in veterinary medicine and occur due to various etiology such as parasitic infestation, mechanical injury, neoplasia, and other causes. In this article, we will discuss common conditions that occur primarily in Canines and Felines. Corneal Ulcers – Corneal ulcer is basically a wound on the transparent window ofContinue reading “Ocular Disturbances in Veterinary Medicine – Canine & Feline”

Ticks Mites Lice and Fleas

T-22 Parasitic Infestation in animals is a major cause of loss in the health of animals. Parasites can be found from cattle to goats, to dogs, cats, and humans as well and the list goes on ” n” on. This article is about ticks, mites, lice, and fleas which are a small part of aContinue reading “Ticks Mites Lice and Fleas”