Feeding of Stray


Feeding of Stray Cat and Dog

Humans or animals both need food and shelter for survival. Yet millions of animals are shelterless and food-deprived. If you see a stray and you cannot adopt, feed them. Let us take a look over what you should feed to stray dogs and cats separately as Dos and Don’ts.


  • Canine

Water – essential to every being. Keep a bowl of it for every animal that you feed. Not too cold not too warm. Normal Water

Boiled Eggs – Cut eggs into small pieces.

Rice – Cooked, mix pieces of fresh Chapati

Milk- Diluted with Water.

Curd – kept at room temperature. Unsalted and Unsweetened.

Biscuits – Unsweetened. Low in Sugar Values.

Vegetables – Cooked Sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots.

Fruits- Banana, kiwi, watermelon, blueberries, strawberries and pineapple only.

Coconut or Rice Milk – for lactose intolerant dogs.

Fish – Cooked and Clean

  • Feline

Rice – Cooked

Veggies – Sweet Potato, Pumpkin

Chicken/Lamb – Boneless, Unflavored, Unseasoned.



  • Birds

Sunflower Seeds


Cracked Corn – Medium Cracked




Fruits – for berry eating birds


There are some foods which we as humans enjoy, but are way harmful to the health of animals. I have listed the following which and what you should avoid feeding.

  • NO Milk to Puppies
  • Feeding of Dog Food to Cats and Vice-versa
  • Sweets & Chocolates
  • Spicy or Oily Food
  • Bony Meat
  • Over or Under Feeding
  • Feed Two Packs Together
  • Bread to Birds

“Who feeds a hungry animal, feeds his own soul”


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