Pain Management


Pain Management

Just like humans, animalS feel pain when sick or injured, although recognizing pain in animals can be difficult because it doesn’t act same as humans do when they are in pain.

Types of Pain 

Animal in pain exhibits physical and behavioural signs. The most common pain can be categorized as acute, chronic, cancer and neuropathic.

Physical Signs
Change in heart rate, breathing pattern, movement or posture Slowed reflexes
Behavioral Signs
Reduced appetite, Reluctance to move or difficulty getting comfortable, Unusual restlessness or anxiety, Withdrawn behavior Mood or personality changes, Licking, biting, or rubbing the site of pain, Irritability

Any one or all of these complications may be present and may risk the recovery of your pet. Sometimes it means your pet doesn’t recover; sometimes it means prolonged, intensive, treatment or ineffective. Painful illness in pet’s life may make future illness or injuries more difficult to treat. Pet may have a bad memory visiting a vet.


Reducing your pet’s stress and providing all the necessary care and support will maximise the benefit of the pain relieving treatment regimen. Housing Conditions, Physical restraining, diet, interaction with other animals, providing multimodal analgesia, pre-emptive analgesia and balanced anesthesia allow us to not only use smaller, safer drugs doses, but it appears to be the most effective while undergoing the surgery which will cause severe pain on cut-opening the body. Physiotherapy and Acupuncture are also preferred for pain management.

Drugs are used to relieve pain such as Opioids, Alpha 2 Agonists, Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Corticosteroids, Lidocaine for local pain relief.

The veterinary profession is sufficiently advanced enough to recognize and successfully manage pain in patients, using various techniques, medication and experience that can be customized to the species and the medical conditions. A treatment plan must be made according to the history of the patient and followed accordingly.

All creatures are deserving of a life free from fear and pain


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