Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry


Small Animal Veterinarian

“Good Veterinarian talks to the animals. Great Veterinarians hear them talk back”

Veterinary Science is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, control and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in animals. Along with the same, it also deals with animal rearing, husbandry, breeding, nutrition and product development.
A Veterinarian deals with Domestic, Wild and Sports Animals also Aves & Reptiles.  According to Veterinary Council of India (VCI), Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry is Five and a Half Year course, which constitutes 18 different subject covering all the animals, which have 179 credit hours.
The 1st Year of & A.H is divided into 3 subjects as follows:- 

  • Veterinary Anatomy and Embryology & Histology [VAN]
  • Veterinary Physiology [VPN]
  • Livestock Production Management [LPM]

These 3 subjects carry 18 credit hours divided into Theory and Practical Classes.
As a fresher we have millions of questions what to do, which book to buy. So to avoid this, you can prefer to the listed books which are recommended by many professors of various Universities and Colleges across Indian.For Veterinary Anatomy, 2 books would be sufficient which are as follows:-

  1.  Primary Veterinary Anatomy (7th Edition)  &
  2. Essentials of Veterinary Histology and Embryology by R.K. Ghosh

For Veterinary Physiology,

  1. Duke’s Physiology of Domestic Animals (12th E) by William O. Reece
  2. Reproduction in Farm Animals (7th E) by Hafez   [ONLY FOR REPRODUCTION]

For LPM,

  1. A Textbook of Animal Husbandry by (8th E) by G.C. Banerjee or Livestock Production Management by N.S.R & C.K. Sastry
  2. Poultry Production Management by Jagdish Prasad

For best results do refer to the Lecture Notes.

Equine Veterinarian

While regular reading and revision is the key to the success, you also need to know which topics to focus more on,  to avoid investing more time on things which require lesser.
Moreover you can reach me anytime at for any queries and curiosity.                                                                                                                         THE GEEK VETERINARIAN  

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