Veterinary Science dates back to ancient India, 3rd Century. A big name in Indian Veterinary Science is of Shalihotra, founder of Indian Veterinary Science.

Shalihotra, was born in the area of Sravasati, in Uttar Pradesh. He was born to Hayagosha. He compiled scriptures about care and management of  Horses in his book named ‘Shalihotra Samhita – Encyclopedia of Sahalishotra’. 

Samhita consists of anatomy, physiology, surgery, diseases and cures composed in different 12,000 shlokas (verses) in Sanskrit, which was later translated in Persian,  Arabic, Tibetan and English languages. His work elaborated different body structures of horse species and identified the structural difference of teeth which can help  in determining the age of the Horse. He also wrote Asva-prashnsa and Asva-lakshana, respectively.

Shalihotra Samhita

 He passed his knowledge of  Veterinary Science to his disciple named Shusrut First known Surgeon  in the world, who devised 101 instruments and taught people the importance of Health.

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