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The Geek Veterinarian is an attempt to spread better awareness and understanding in society about Veterinary sciences and make it as understandable as other medicinal branches are to people.

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  • Ticks Mites Lice and Fleas
    T-22 Parasitic Infestation in animals is a major cause of loss in the health of animals. Parasites can be found from cattle to goats, to dogs, cats, and humans as well and the list goes on ” n” on. This article is about ticks, mites, lice, and fleas which are a small part of aContinue reading “Ticks Mites Lice and Fleas”
  • Equine Sinusitis
    In this article you will get to know about Sinusitis in Equines, Diagnosis and Treatment.
  • Reptile Nutrition
    In this article, I have penned about the nutritional requirement of reptiles- snake, lizard and turtle.

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